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Who We Are

Nadexshipping International was founded in 2011 by people passionate about doing business in USA China with a strong focus on Price, Security and Counter fraud. We live in USA and China for many years and know their problems, culture, language, and laws. We also understand Nigerians and Africans business desires..

African-American citizens run Nadexshipping International from its headquarters in Ikeja Lagos with branches in USA and China. We’ve served hundreds of Nigerians and African clients over the past few years. You can read our customer testimonials and success stories

USA and China are the largest industrial countries with an overwhelming product supply both new and used. Our sourcing team can help you select the best deals and directly negotiate your purchases. We look for qualified factories and Auction companies that meet your needs in any category of products you want.

Our highly experienced Teams will conduct thorough research on your products to select three companies that best suit your needs in terms of cost and quality.
Don’t be lured by low prices, eye-catching fair stands or good looking websites. Verify that price and company with us.

Talk to us today about your dream cars, shopping in China/USA, Used clothes, used laptops, Used Phones, importing from USA or China etc.

What Makes Our Company Different & Better?

Services Spectrum

When it comes to shopping abroad from Nigeria, no better service to hire but Afialink International. We are the only partners who can help you buy from USA or China.


All members of our company’s crew are international experienced businessmen/women with diverse business acumen. We are ready to make your shopping abroad and unforgettable experience.

Professional Tools

Actually, moving all different kinds of belongings from one location to another one involves a lot of tools packaging materials and everything else you might need and which we have!

Mainstreet Prices

As we specialize in the local area moving processes, keeping a low pricing policy is an essential thing for us! Be sure that whatever the year, our fees are fair and square!

Services Spectrum

When it comes to moving all the belongings you have, whatever the size of them, we are the only partners who can help you out with that!

Skilled Pros

All members of our moving company’s crew are fully prepared, equipped and ready to make the moving process an easy trip for you and your stuff!

Professional Tools

Actually, International Business Procurement requires a lot of intellect and ideas. Whatever you might need, we have it all covered

Mainstreet Prices

Our Topnotch advantage is the prices we offer from procurement to shipment. We run a transparent service system where you can confirm prices from factories directly. All bidding documents are scanned and email to you for verification.

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