Nadexshipping International was founded in 2011 by people passionate about doing business in USA China with a strong focus on Price, Security and Counter fraud. We live in USA and China for many years and know their problems, culture, language, and laws. We also understand Nigerians and Africans business desires

Buy Cars In USA

Do you know that N200, 000 naira can get you a clean running fair used car in USA?
That’s about $500 US Dollars..

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Clearing & Forwarding

Nadexshipping has the local know-how and global resources to provide full clearing and forwarding services for shipments to Nigeria.

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Dollar Naira-><- Naira Dollar

Do you want to send US Dollars to Nigeria or Bring your Naira to USA?
We offer incredible exchange rate,…

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When it comes to efficiency, speed, and cost effectiveness, Nadexshipping and Courier has been receiving

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